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Firefighting Engineering Solutions

Buildings equipped with automatic sprinklers begin extinguishing the fire before firefighters arrive. Fully sprinklered buildings are safer and enjoy lower insurance premiums. We design new sprinkler systems and renovate existing sprinkler systems to meet or exceed building code requirements.

To guard against fire, the fire alarm system automatically calls the fire department upon sensing smoke. We design the fire alarm system, including the various devices and sensors that feed into the fire alarm control panel. If the building is also sprinklered, the fire alarm system will integrate with the sprinkler system to call the fire department upon sensing sprinkler water flow.​​​

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Firefighting Engineering Solutions: Service
fire sprinkler
  • Sprinkler Head Layout

  • Partially/ Fully Sprinklered Building Design

  • Fire Pump Design

  • Deluge Sprinkler System

  • Sprinkler Riser

  • Standpipe Design

  • Pre-action System

  • Pre-action System Design

  • Dry Sprinkler System

  • Clean Agent Sprinkler System

  • Halon Sprinkler System

  • External Hydrant Design

  • Fire Alarm Design

  • High Rise Fire Alarm System Design

  • Ansul System Design

  • Elevator Recall Design

  • Door Unlocking Design

  • Mass Notification System Design

  • Addressable System Design

  • Temporal Fire Alarm System Design

  • Dry Chemical Extinguishing System

  • Central Station Monitoring Design

  • Battery Calculations

Firefighting Engineering Solutions: Services
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