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Mechanical Engineering Services

Our HVAC designs guarantee local building code compliance as well as energy efficiency. Most energy expenses in a building can be attributed to HVAC installations, and we make sure your electricity and gas bills are minimised without compromising performance. You can ensure your HVAC systems provide the right temperature and humidity control, to guarantee comfort and indoor air quality for the occupants in your building.

Today’s modern HVAC components require a savvy MEP engineer to design into a simple and integrated system. HVAC designs include floor plans, air and water riser diagrams, schedules, or all equipment, specifications, and construction details.

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Mechanical Engineering Services: Services
Air Compressor
  • Water Cooled System Design

  • Air Cooled AC System Design

  • VRF System Design

  • High/Low Pressure Steam

  • Thermal Load Calculations

  • Pressure Drop Calculations

  • Passive House Certified

  • LEED AP Certified

  • BREEAM Certified

  • BICAR Certifier

  • Fire Alarm

  • Net Zero Energy Building Certified

  • Riser Diagram

  • Equipment Sizing

  • Co-generation System Design

  • Tri-generation System Design

  • Heat Recovery System Design

  • Custom Air Handling Unit Design

  • Ventilation System Design

  • Outside Air System Design

  • Laboratory Exhaust System

  • Commercial Kitchen Hood Exhaust

  • Indoor Air Quality Filtration Systems

Mechanical Engineering Services: Services
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