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Plumbing Engineering Services

Every lavatory, sink, toilet, shower, roof drain, dishwasher, pool, spa, gas boiler, or specialty plumbing fixture requires a network of plumbing piping behind the walls to function. We provide new domestic water service, sprinkler water service, natural gas service, and sewer service. We replace plumbing risers and relocate kitchens and bathrooms. We design restaurant commercial kitchens and complete plumbing systems for new buildings.

Optimally sized plumbing systems keep your water bills under control, while also minimising pumping costs in high-rise constructions. Efficient use of water also reduces your heating bills, since less hot water flow runs through your water heating system each year.

We can also help you deploy water-saving upgrades such as low-flow plumbing fixtures, rainwater collection tanks, and grey-water recycling systems.

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Plumbing Engineering Services: Services
Pipe handle
  • Hot/ Cold Water System Design

  • Vent Piping Design

  • Sanitary System Design

  • Hot Water Return System Design

  • Hot Water Heater Design

  • Commercial Kitchen Design

  • Commercial Laundry Design

  • Rain Water Harvesting System Design

  • Irrigation System Design

  • Deionised Water System Design

  • Reverse Osmosis System Design

  • Site Connection

  • New Gas Service

  • New Water Service

  • New Sewer Service

  • Gas Piping Design

  • Plumbing Riser Diagram

  • Plumbing Fixture Schedule

Plumbing Engineering Services: Services
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