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The building energy Technical Advisor is a new role which was created in 2018 by SEAI. 

SEAI are striving to achieve the goal of upgrading suitable existing dwellings with high efficiency heat pump technologies, suitable thermal insulation and PV and solar panels. Heat pumps combined with PV/Solar panels will replace the traditional fossil fuel burning oil or gas boilers and therefore help to reduce carbon emissions. Generous grants are now available for the installation of heat pumps, house wall insulation (internal or external) and PV/solar panels.

The assessment carried out by our energy consultants will determine if insulation to the fabric of the building may need to be upgraded.

This will depend on a technical assessment and associated calculations carried out by the Technical Advisor. The fabric must meet a Heat Loss Indicator value (HLI), in order for the grant application to proceed. The Technical Advisor will provide a report on the works which may be required to meet the value as well as guidance on the associated grants available for the upgrades. Most importantly you will receive the benefit of having an experienced energy professional to guide you though the choices associated with the upgrade to your home.

For more information please see Part L documents for dwellings and buildings other than dwellings or contact our specialists via the contact form.

With Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) certified Building Energy Rating (BER) Assessors, we provide affordable services to individuals and organizations. We are specialized in both residential and commercial projects.

We offer the most cost effective services with one day turnaround. Our  minimum fee is €219 inclusive of VAT and SEAI fee. For a detailed quotation please use our Residential BER Estimate Form and specify that you are interested in a Technical assessment. 

SEAI offers a €200 grant towards the technical assessment of your home. This grant is only payable in conjunction with the heat pump system grant.

For buildings other than dwelling our minimum fee is €399 inclusive of VAT and SEAI fee. For a detailed quotation please use our Commercial BER Estimate Form and specify that you are interested in a Technical assessment. 

For your project specific query, please Contact Us.

SEAI Technical Advisory Services: Service
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Residential BER

Commercial BER

  • BER Certificates

  • Business Grants


  • Part L Assessment

  • Building Part L Design Compliance

  • Advisory Report

  • Supporting Recommendations

  • SPEM Outputs

  • Thermal Modelling

  • Existing building survey and recommendations

  • Creating sustainability strategies

  • Equipment selection and supplier recommendation

SEAI Technical Advisory Services: Services
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