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Energy Modelling and Other Engineering Services

  • Energy Modelling Services- We use IESVE and Design Builder software for our Energy Modelling reports. Energy Reports highlight the heating and cooling loads, energy consumption broken down by fuel and end use, CO2 levels, internal air operative temperatures, and humidity. The software is also used to simulate natural ventilation with the option for windows to open based on control schemes including mixed mode. We generate an extensive range of comfort outputs based on ASHRAE 55 Fanger PMP, PPD, CIBSE TM52, and TM59.

  • LEED and BREEAM Compliance Services- We provide reports to support LEED EAp2 (Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite 2 – Minimum Energy Performance) and EAc1 (Energy and Atmosphere Credit 1 – Optimize Energy Performance). We assess buildings based on the ASHRAE 90.1 standard.

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Energy Modelling and ​Other Services: Service
  • Energy Modelling

  • LEED Compliance

  • BREEAM Compliance

  • LEED Certification

  • BREEAM Certification

  • CFD Analysis

  • Passive House Certification

Energy Modelling and ​Other Services: Services
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