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Building Energy Rating (BER) Assessments

A nearly zero-energy building means a building that has a very high energy performance. The nearly zero or very low amount of energy required should be covered to a very significant extent by energy from renewable sources, including energy from renewable sources produced on-site or nearby. For more information please see Part L documents for dwellings and buildings other than dwellings or contact our specialists via the contact form.

With Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) certified Building Energy Rating (BER) Assessors, we provide affordable services to individuals and organizations. We are specialized in both residential and commercial projects.

We offer the most cost-effective services with a one-day turnaround. Our dwelling's BER certificates minimum fee is €219 (e.g. for studio apartments) inclusive of VAT and SEAI fee. For a detailed quotation please use our Residential BER Estimate Form.

For buildings other than dwelling our minimum fee is €399 inclusive of VAT and SEAI fee. For a detailed quotation please use our Commercial BER Estimate Form.

For your project specific query, please Contact Us.

​Building Energy Rating Assessments: Service
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Residential BER

  • BER Certificates

  • Home Energy Grants

  • Part L Report​

  • BER following upgrade works

  • Heat Pumps, PV panels

Commercial BER

  • BER Certificates

  • Business Grants


  • Part L Assessment

  • Building Part L Design Compliance

  • Advisory Report

  • Supporting Recommendations

  • SPEM Outputs

  • Thermal Modelling

  • Existing building survey and recommendations

  • Creating sustainability strategies

  • Equipment selection and supplier recommendation

​Building Energy Rating Assessments: Services
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