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Value Engineering Solutions

Do you have construction bids that are too high? Over-engineering a project drives up construction cost without any benefit. We cut through that fluff, offering an unparalleled value engineering service to get your construction project back on budget. We have value engineered over $20M out of MEP systems.

To help you save money, our value engineering service reviews drawings and bids, identifying signs of the over-engineered system, and other high-value areas to save you money. We will perform a detailed analysis with our savvy engineers, and deliver new bids to you. Our fee is only 8% of the construction cost saved. There is no risk to you; if we can’t save you money, we charge you nothing.

For your project specific query, please Contact Us.

Value Engineering Solutions: Service
Engineering Tools
  • Pre Purchase Due Diligence

  • Code Consultant

Value Engineering Solutions: Services
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