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Our List of Services

Our List of Services: Services

Building Energy Ratings (BER)

Commercial BER

  • Building Design Compliance

  • Thermal Modelling

Residential BER

  • BER Certificates

  • Heat Pumps and Grants


  • Shop drawings review

  • 3D modelling and coordination

  • Site inspections

  • Selection report for suppliers based on the cost, compliance with specifications and other criteria

  • Review of material submittals, O&M and training manuals

  • Quantity take-off

  • ESP calculations

  • Pump head calculation

  • Thermal expansion calculation

  • Anti-vibration and anti-seismic calculation

  • CFD Analysis

  • Acoustic studies

  • Method statement preparation

  • Claim reports

  • T&C reports

  • Snagging


  • Tender documents evaluation

  • BOQ reports

  • Value engineering

Technical Design

  • Concept design. This includes cost estimation, space proofing, BOD report, initial schematics, and layout drawings

  • Design development, including detailed layout drawings & schematics, project specifications and equipment’s schedule

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