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Post-Technical Assessment: What Should I Do Next?

Technical Assessment for Heat Pump Grant
Heat Pump Grant

Your Subsequent Actions Include:

  • Carefully review the report and provide any feedback.

  • Complete the signing of the technical assessment form.

  • Acknowledge that these steps are designed to minimize heat loss, ensuring the heat pump operates efficiently.

Important Considerations:

  • Failing to meet the thermal performance criteria (Heat Loss Indicator not exceeding 2.00) could result in the disqualification of both the heat pump system and the associated technical assessment grant.

  • The criteria for building modifications for the heat pump grant, as outlined in the technical assessment report, differ from other SEAI grants like those for wall and roof insulation. If applying for insulation grants based on the upgrades listed in this report, ensure your agreement with the insulation contractor covers compliance with both sets of criteria.

  • It is your responsibility to make sure that contractors adhere to the specifications in the technical assessment report to be eligible for the heat pump system grant. For an extra charge, the Technical Assessor can communicate directly with the contractors or through the Client, ensuring that the proposed insulation complies with the criteria outlined in the technical assessment or as specified by SEAI.

  • In cases where work specifications vary from this report, they must still achieve the Heat Loss Indicator threshold of 2.00 to maintain grant eligibility.

  • The post-Building Energy Rating (BER) must accurately represent all completed works to be eligible for the heat pump grant.


  • Apply for the grant through the SEAI website and await approval: SEAI Grant Application. Avoid ordering/ purchasing the heat pump before submitting your application on the SEAI website.

  • Ensure completion of all thermal insulation and window installations to enhance thermal performance. Ask contractors for documentation of the completed work for your records, essential for validation in the post-BER. Refer to "Documents Required Before a BER Assessment Can Commence" at MTSDNC.

  • In addition to the above please request the heat pump installer the following:

  • When you are engaging a heat pump installer and wish to avail of the SEAI heat pump grant, the following documents and requirements must be fulfilled by the installer:

  • It is required to conduct a post-Building Energy Rating (BER) assessment following the installation of the heat pump, to verify that all completed works meet the criteria for the heat pump grant eligibility.

For queries regarding the SEAI website or the grant application process, contact 01 808 2100 for support. The team can offer essential advice and assistance.

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