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Why Choose One Stop Shop

Updated: Jan 14

Explaining the preference for the One Stop Shop over individual SEAI grants can be challenging. The straightforward reason is that the One Stop Shop not only provides access to exclusive grants unavailable to individuals but also significantly reduces hassle by ensuring that all work is carried out by SEAI-approved contractors. These contractors are regularly audited by SEAI, ensuring high-quality work that adheres to SEAI guidelines.

The One Stop Shop operates by coordinating with a primary building contractor to manage the entire project. This includes overseeing grant applications and ensuring the quality of the work performed.

Contractors associated with the One Stop Shop typically have their preferred suppliers but are open to working with the homeowner's chosen supplier, provided they meet the One Stop Shop's standards.

The benefits extend beyond individual grants and include:

  • A single contractor manages the entire project, saving time and reducing the need for rework.

  • Additional grants available through the One Stop Shop include:

  • Floor Insulation: €3,500.00

  • Windows: €4,000.00

  • Doors: €800.00 per external door, up to 2 doors

  • Heat Pump: An additional €4,000.00 (€2,000.00 for central heating systems like underfloor heating or radiators, plus a €2,000.00 bonus for achieving a B2 rating)

  • Mechanical Ventilation: €1,500.00

  • Air Tightness Measures and Test: €1,000.00

This amounts to a potential extra €15,600.00. However, the One Stop Shop charges approximately €6,765.00 as a project management fee. With a €2,000.00 grant deduction, this fee is reduced to €4,765.00.

Therefore, after accounting for their fee, homeowners could gain an additional €10,835.00 by opting for the One Stop Shop. Below is an example of the total grants accessible through the One Stop Shop for a semi-detached house.

For any additional information please speak with one of our energy consultants.

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