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Technical Assessment Applying For and Claiming Cash Grants

Updated: Jan 14

Description of the Better Energy Homes Programme

The Irish Government, through SEAI, wishes to encourage people to improve the energy performance of their homes by incentivizing the cost of installing various upgrade measures. The Better Energy Homes assists homeowners to reduce energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions while improving the comfort levels within their home and making significant savings on energy costs. The incentive is in the form of a Cash Grant. Cash grants are fixed, irrespective of home size, though where actual expenditure is lower than the grant value only the lower amount will be paid.

Available Grants

Grants are available to eligible applicants for undertaking the following works, by the requirements of the SEAI Domestic Technical Standards and Specifications, Better Energy Homes Code of Practice, and Quality Assurance and Disciplinary Procedures:

Figure 1: Available Grants

Applying for and claiming a Better Energy Homes program grant

There are two methods to apply for a Better Energy Homes program grant.

  • Online: Immediate response once all the requested information is provided

  • Application Form by Post: Response within 14 working days

Before applying

Please have the following information available to hand:

  • MPRN is the Meter Point Reference Number. This number appears on your electricity bill and is 11 digits long. The address associated with the MPRN will be the contact address used by SEAI for all postal correspondence. You should ensure that the details registered with ESB networks for this MPRN are correct and accurate.

  • The year in which your house was built and occupied (Insulation and Heating Controls grant applications must be before 2011. Heat Pump Systems and Solar Thermal grant applications must be before 2021).

  • The particular measures which you wish to undertake as part of the Better Energy Homes program.

  • You should have already selected an SEAI-registered Contractor as you will need to know their name and SEAI registered number.

  • In the case of a Heat Pump System application, you should have already completed the mandatory Technical Assessment.

  • For an online application, you will need an email address. In the instance where perhaps you don't have a personal e-mail address, please ask a relative or trusted close friend for use of their e-mail address. You must be able to receive e-mails at this address to accept the grant updates.

NOTE: Neither a Contractor nor an Assessor must apply on your behalf as this contravenes the terms and conditions of their registration

Online Application Process

  • Log onto

  • Click “Apply Online”.

  • Complete the application form.

  • Follow the steps to get grant approval.

  • The Grant Offer will be made online. When you click the "Accept" option on the "Confirm Offer Acceptance" screen, the Grant Offer becomes valid.

  • The Grant Offer, once accepted by the applicant, remains valid for eight (8) months from the date of issue of the Grant Offer notification.

Figure 2: Online Application Process

Postal Application Process

Better Energy Homes Programme

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland,

P.O. Box 119, Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry

  • Your Grant Offer will issue to your postal address and you will have 30 days in which to accept and validate your Grant Offer. If you do not return your 'Acceptance of Offer' form, your offer will lapse, and you will have to reapply. You must not make any purchases or commence work until you have accepted the offer.

  • The Grant Offer, once accepted by the applicant, remains valid for eight (8) months from the date of issue of the Grant Offer notification.

Accepting the Offer - Getting Works Done

Once you have accepted the offer online or by post, a letter of offer will be sent in the post to your contact address, with the Declaration of Works forms required for claiming a grant. You must then:

  • Agree on a formal contract with your chosen Contractor(s) - this is an explicit requirement for Contractors. It is there for consumer protection and may help avoid disputes that might otherwise arise.

  • Organise for the measures for which you have received grant approval to be carried out and fully completed.

  • Pay the Contractor in full, or enter into a financing agreement, for measures completed and ensure both the Contractor and you sign the Declaration of Works form. A separate Declaration of Works (DOW) form is required for each measure completed. You should also ensure that the Contractor has completed the relevant section on the BER DOW.

  • Have a registered BER Assessor undertake a BER assessment of your home and complete the BER DOW.

Claiming Your Grant Payment

  • Once all measures have been completed including the BER Assessment, review all DOW forms and the Request for Payment form to ensure that all sections have been completed, signed, and dated by the relevant Contractor(s), Assessor, and you.

  • You must insert your bank details i.e. bank name, bank account name, bank account number, and sort code. (Please note that currently, we cannot process payments to Credit Union accounts.). The request for payment form must be signed and dated.

  • You should sign all DOW forms in the Homeowner Declaration section.

  • If for any reason some or all of the works were not undertaken, the grant should be canceled, and sent with documents for payment claim.

  • All paperwork must be submitted together within the eight-month grant offer period.

  • Submit all documents together to the address below:

Better Energy Homes Programme

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland,

P.O. Box 119, Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry

Please note incomplete or missing forms will result in your grant claim being rejected and all forms being returned to you for resolution. This in turn may result in a delay in your grant claim.

In the instance where a Contractor is completing works within his own home then only the cost of materials will be deemed a qualifying expenditure.

Homeowners are required to retain their invoices and receipts for all works undertaken and to have them available for presentation to SEAI personnel or its agent/ inspector should their home be selected for verification and/or technical inspection or audit by SEAI.

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